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Happy Easter everybody!

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In a recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have been granted the authority to cut or remove razor wire installed by the state of Texas aimed at curbing illegal border crossings. This Supreme Court directive reverses the earlier decision made by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which had temporarily restricted CBP agents from taking such actions barring medical emergencies.\n\nThe case, DHS v. Texas, emerged from Governor Greg Abbott\'s "Operation Lone Star," an initiative to fortify the state’s response to undocumented immigration along the 1,200-mile Texas-Mexico border. Part of the state\'s strategy involved installing razor wire on private property to deter illegal crossings.\n\nTexas presented legal arguments to halt CBP agents from altering the state-led border security enhancements. Texas officials claimed that the federal agents not only lacked jurisdiction to destroy or tamper with state property but also accused them of facilitating illegal entries into the U.S. by removing the barriers. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contended that the injunction hindered its agents\' federal responsibility to apprehend, inspect, and process migrants as mandated by the Immigration and Nationality Act.\n\nOn January 22, 2024, the prevailing opinion from the Supreme Court vacated the injunction with a narrow 5-4 majority, allowing federal agents to resume their duties unimpeded. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined liberal Justices Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ketanji Brown Jackson in the majority, while Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh dissented.\n\nAmidst heightened tension between state and federal authority, DHS has requested access to Shelby Park by January 27, 2024, to continue its immigration enforcement operations.\n\nThe border standoff is ongoing.\n\nYou can follow the timeline of events here as they unfold:\n


Have you ever wondered just how algorithms are being weaponized in current day?\nI wrote an introduction to algorithmic amplification and its effect on memetic warfare.\n\nAre you ready to deploy counter-memetics?\n\n


Tim Scott, Vivek and DeSantis have now all officially endorsed Trump after Trump\'s landslide in Iowa.\n\nRon DeSantis finally took the hint, has dropped out, and endorsed Trump.\nNow we need Nimrod Nikki to follow suit so we can end this side show and unite to save our country.\n\nDoes Nimrod Nikki think she can convince enough of the BLM supporters that she supports to turn out and vote for her on Tuesday?


VETERANS ON PATROL\nWFTF MINISTRIES\n\nBORDER UPDATE:\n\n at the immigration camp\n\nSasabe Az/ Mexican border..\n\nBoots on the ground needed .. \ncall or text the below number..\n🦋- 509-263-4612\n\nSupplies needed: \nGet a hold of email below for list\\n\n#BORDERWARSAZ \n#STOPCHILDTRAFFICKING


Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas everyone!


RT claims a new study shows that breathing contributes to global warming.\n\nIf this headline goes mainstream on western media, how will climate agenda activists be intending to prevent this newly discovered source of global warming?


Since I lost my election, i\'ve been in something of a rut.\n\nTelegram is a good platform and I have been getting a lot of political Trump related news from my friend Jessica in Arizona (you can follow her at @Queen17_news).\n\nAm currently working on a new project that I am planning to announce soon that will move the needle for our country back towards the independence and freedom loving ideals that our founding fathers intended.\n\nWe will take control of our country back.


My good friend Orlando Munguia is running for State Assembly in California’s 63rd district.\nOrlando was at J6 in DC and served honorably for 20 years in the Marine Corps.\nHe is a Gunnery Sergeant and will help bring prosperity back to California.\n\nPlease donate to Orlando to help him win his race:\n


Happy Thanksgiving!


Delve into the captivating world of psyops, the invisible art of shaping public opinion, and the subtle biases that manipulate our realities. \n\nDiscover the intricacies of framing techniques and their impact on audience perception. \n\nLearn how language, imagery, sound, and emotions can be crafted into persuasive narratives that guide our choices. \n\nEquip yourself with the knowledge to navigate through the manipulative currents of public discourse and sail closer to the truth:\n


In the intricate game of psychological warfare, the most powerful weapon is understanding. \n\nKnowing your enemy, and even more, embodying them, grants you an influencing power that transcends geographical borders or physical constraints. \n\nThis article audaciously unveils the secret weaponry of words and thoughts employed by psyops that infuses trepidation, reallocates ambitions, and subtly convinces you to own their cause.\n\nBut do not be fooled. \n\nThis exploration is not just about the strategists operating from the shadows, nor is it solely about the targets. \nIt is about the remarkable capacity of our minds, when harnessed and directed correctly. \n\nThis read not only guides you down the dark corridors of psyops but also urges you to probe your own perceptions and beliefs. \n\nCan you resist the pull, or will you have your strings pulled in this high-stakes game of influence and power? \n\nRead on to grasp this fascinating stratagem of thought control:\n


Meet Nikki Haley.\nAnti-Trump, pro-JEB!\nClimate change defender.\nSupports Black Lives Matter.\nAgainst federal abortion ban.\nPassed red flag gun law in SC.\nPushed Russia meddling hoax.\nWants to expand worker visa program.\nBelieves immigrants are more patriotic than Americans.\n\nWhat do you think of Nikki Haley?


I unravelled the complex matrix of Prigozhin\'s Psyop. \n\nTake a deep dive into this audacious plot, manipulation & global power play. \n\nShare widely, this knowledge needs to propagate, not stay hidden.\n🕵️‍♀️🔎🌐🇷🇺\n\nRead here:\n


Meet Tim Scott.\nTim is campaigning for the GOP nomination.\nTim is thankful of Dr. Fauci.\nTim supports masking.\nTim says the Pfizer vaccine is effective.\nTim wants tighter gun control.\nTim wants to defund the police.\nWhat do you think about Tim Scott?


Congress is holding hearings this week with whistleblowers who are blowing the whistle on UFOs and aliens.\n\nI sat down with Tony Teora (@agendaalien) from Alien Agenda and we discussed what Congress might be revealing this week. \n\nListen here:\n


After I heard that Desantis\' campaign needs a reboot, I went digging through his campaign filings and found some really interesting things.\n\nDeSantis campaign raised $20 million in two months, why does he need a reboot?\n\n-Spending-\n$660k on private jets?\n$279k for one Miami hotel?\n$87k in Utah?\n\nIs DeSantis\' campaign coordinating with SuperPACs?\n\nRead what I found out here:\n


I researched Vivek Ramaswamy\'s Twitter feed and found that he may not be who you think he is.\n\nCompiled my findings into an easily shared page for you to forward and share everywhere.\n\nLearn more about what might be at stake without complete transparency:\n


I took nearly a year-long hiatus from social media to collect my thoughts and observe.\n\nDuring this year, many psyops were successfully executed by big tech and governments; important events were covered up with simple distractions; people were lead down wild goose chases.\n\nPsyops are next-generation warfare. \n\nIt is important to understand how to identify psyops, the players involved, the techniques used, and pathways to run counter-psyops.\n\nI am extremely passionate about this topic and want to share it with you in a consolidated manner, therefore I have decided to make a substack for this discussion.\n\nIn the shadowy world of psychological operations, every message is a calculated move.\n\nLearn about white psyops, black psyops and the insidious grey psyops here:\n


X 🔗 \n\nSome of you may know Orlando from Ron’s Campaign. It looks like he’s running for office in Cali. If you live there please share this and consider giving him your vote.




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