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ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter 🐸

Daily morale boost thread for frens. 🐸 Post your best keks, memes, positive news stories for people to read in the comments below.  👇 👇👇

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An intoxicated Nancy Pelosi is on CNN praising Mike Johnson's tremendous courage for not falling for Russian Propaganda. The fact that she is praising what Mike Johnson is doing tells you everything you need to know. She says that two leaders respected on both sides have said that Russian propaganda has infiltrated Republicans. Where she is completely wrong is that neither leaders are respected. In fact, I respect very few people in politics and my respect is only waning by the minute. Maybe that was the plan all along. To expose the Uniparty in full view for all to see. Because that is definitely happening now in spades.

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Oh he went there and connected Michelle Obama to the Brigitte Macron story. Lmao. "She met him when he was 15 years old. Demand a DNA blood test...This is suspect. Do you guys know who Martin Nesbitt is? A longtime friend of President Barack Obama. The chairman of the Obama foundation. You know what's crazy? He looks exactly like Barack and Michelle Obama's older daughter. She just recently dropped her last name... Now (Nesbitt's) wife. She's a doctor, she's credited for delivering both of Obama's babies. And she looks exactly like their youngest child, Sasha. All I'm saying, it's worth an explanation. You think these people would distance themselves from this couple. It's just weird. Doesn't look anything like Michelle. There's no photos of Michelle Obama pregnant. That's very fishy. The story about Obama in college. He wrote to his ex girlfriend where he said and I quote: I make love to men in my mind, in my imagination on a daily basis. Tucker Carlson interviewed Larry Sinclair.. His testimony said that Barack and him were running around Chicago back in the day doing crack cocaine in the back of a limo and making stops at the Comfort Inn to have sex and Sinclair passed the lie detector test and he signed an affidavit. It's just very weird that all these things are happening. Going back to Brigitte. Man, woman, whatever the case is.. There is so many secrets. All you have to do to shut everybody up and take a DNA test." Why has no one ever seen a picture of Michelle Obama pregnant? X

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Morning Patriots. What's habbening.

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What are you thankful for today frens

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Whoa. Jim Breuer says that his old friend Dave Chapelle went to him in private and told him about how an elite group of people came to him and sat him down to "correct him" and that was right before he suddenly vanished and went to Africa. He says he no longer communicated with him in the same way after he came back and wonders what really happened... Who visited him? I'd be curious to hear the names. "He came there and he was freaked out. He was visited. And when he told me who visited him. My heart stopped for a second. I'll never forget. He went, you believe me right? They came to me..He said the names.. I said what happened? And then all of a sudden he went to Africa... But I know for a fact that he was corrected. Hey, we need to have a conversation. When I saw him come back... It was a lot less communication. And maybe he just grows, whatever. Maybe I'm crazy for saying this. When I saw him completely come back I really questioned if that was him. I know that's crazy..."

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Mike Johnson wants to give 300 million dollars to the money laundering nazi Ukraine regime and he just went onto CNN to tell them how we've got to stop Putin. I suspect this guy will get the McCarthy treatment after this stunt. Anyone opposed to his removal at this point?

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Come up with a title for Bill Clinton's memoir. Wrong answers encouraged.

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Bill Clinton is coming out with a memoir on his life. Will his life story written down on page include the fact that he regularly attended an occult child trafficking island, his best friend, Jeffrey Epstein, visited his White House over 17 times, or that his wife is a literal serial killer who has had countless associates "accidently commit suicide?" A trail of blood seldom seen over the course of multiple decades that would make Jeffrey Dahmer blush. I'm guessing his memoir is going to keep those parts out. X

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Daily morale boost thread for frens. 🐸 Post your best keks, memes, positive news stories for people to read in the comments below.  👇 👇👇

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Morning News Update Telegram rocks. I'm glad to see the CEO refused to sell out Shadow President meets with foreign leaders Jimmy Kimmel = stupid Nice Potato Kek Wholesome When they tell you what they really think Walks exactly like Biden Consider supporting and following me here: Substack, My Pillow Code PLM, Rumble, Truth Social, Gab, Follow me on X

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Morning Patriots. What's habbening.

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How many years have you been serving in the truther/meme war?

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These shills accidently just affirmed all the incredible things that "Qanon" did here.... "It just seems like it's gone...The ideas of Qanon have just bled into mainstream standard conservative thinking." All of the seeds had been planted and many of these truths have taken over mainstream thinking. Go look at Instagram comments or the red pill corner of Tik Tok and you'll see that millions of people have become free thinking "conspiracy theorists" and that has transpired, in large part, due to all the work that unnamed unknown anons have done over the last decade. That's called winning. Q doesn't even necessarily need to post again, although that would be awesome if he did. The "Damage" is done. The Overton Window cannot be shut again.

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Jim Breuer reminisces with Roseanne about when Trump walked into the lion's den and claimed that Clinton "took" several villages in Haiti right in front of the Washington elite's faces. Clinton plundered Haiti under the guise of "humanitarian aid." Soon Trump would be framed for treason via the Russia Gate scandal, I wonder why? "Trump and HIllary. When they just finished their first debate. They were roasting one another. And Trump said something like, It takes a village and she would know cause she took several in Haiti. The whole f****** room. You saw the seething. You saw Schumer go *makes snake noise.* We must seize him. He's been a mole. He's a Johnny Brasco. This mother fu****. Seize him!" X This has to be one of Trump's all time most courageous moments, don't you think?

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Anyone want a wholesome doggo pet fren thread I could use some uplifting lol. \nPost some frens in chats if you\'d like.


I just spent too much time creating this compilation for red pilling.\nHollywood celebrity men who\'ve participated in the humiliation ritual of wearing a dress to please the higher ups:\nJohn Cena\nJimmy Fallon\nKevin Hart\nTom Hanks\nP Diddy\nWill Ferrell \nJared Leto\nPete Davidson\nMichael Strahan\nZac Efron \nKid Cudi\nKurt Cobain\nJaden Smith\nArsenio Hall\nDwayne "The Rock" Johnson\nDustin Hoffman\nTyler Perry\nDavid Bowie\nA Compilation\n\nIf Katt Williams was incorrect in his assessment then why does Hollywood continue to normalize this behavior at such an egregious rate? \n\n\nWho is pulling their strings?\n\nThere are many more men that have participated in this over the years. \nThis is just a sample of the humiliation.\nWho am I missing?\nHopefully, everyone can use this as a conversation starter. Let’s keep pushing the Overton window open. Truth is breaking forth.\nRumble\nRetweet\nSubstack


Boeing whistleblower dies from self inflicted gunshot wound. \nWhere have we seen this playbook enacted before?\nAnons have witnessed this happen 1700 times at least. It\'s par for the course at this point. \nAnyone know where Hillary Clinton was that night?\n


So Adam Schiff is now just admitting the quiet part out loud. \nHe just straight up told us that the intelligence agencies committ treason and is encouraging them to do so in the next administration. \nThis is how blatant they\'ve all become. \nWe are headed for a wild ending here as the rhetoric continues to ramp up.


Trump is now saying that Tik Tok has problems but that it gives competition to Facebook which is the true enemy of the people along with the media. \n\n"But the thing I don\'t like is that without Tik Tok you\'re going to make Facebook bigger. I consider Facebook to be the enemy of the people along with the media. What Facebook did with lockboxes, with the 500 million dollar Zuckerbucks, I consider illegal."\n\nWe know Instagram and Facebook is not only the enemy of the people but of the children given their algorithms support predators. \n\n"You have that problem with Facebook. They get plenty of information and they\'ll do whatever China wants. When you look at highly sophisticated companies, they aren\'t so American. They deal in China. If China wants anything from them, they will give it. That\'s a national security risk also. If you ban Tik Tok, facebook will double. I think Facebook is very bad for our country, especially when it comes to elections."\n\nInteresting that he has seemed to reverse his tune on Tik Tok...\nDo you think Tik Tok should be banned in America?




Caption this\n\n


Daily morale boost thread for frens. 🐸\nPost your best keks, memes, positive news stories for people to read in the comments below.  👇 👇👇\n(Will do a News Update tomorrow frens sorry)


I was told Katt Williams was a conspiracy theorist for telling us that Hollywood demands that men perform humiliation rituals in order to be part of the club and make their millions.\nBut here we have John Cena wearing a dress, getting naked in front of Epstein\'s client list, and embarrassing himself in front of the world to the applause of the elites.\nThey are making the red pilling too easy for us.\n\n


Could use a little prayer frens. Trying to shake a sickness! Sore throat and such. Wanted to hang with the frens more but feel like crap.


I see that Trump is living so rent free in Jimmy "I swear I didn\'t go to Epstein Island" Kimmel that he\'s now reading his truths in front of many of Epstein\'s clients in an attempt to make himself feel better. \nOh Jimmy.\nWhy is Jimmy so afraid of Trump? \nThere\'s only real answer and anons know. \n\n\n


Wholesome Sunday Thread.\nConsider Writing a Bible verse, prayer or encouraging word on your heart in chat.


Daily morale boost thread for frens. 🐸\nPost your best keks, memes, positive news stories for people to read in the comments below.  👇 👇👇


Morning News Update\n\nTrump coming in like a Rockstar is always nice to see. The media says the people hate him but the footage doesn\'t lie. \n\n\n\n\nBut what about requiring voter id?\n\n\nBidens rally vs Trump\n\n\nPompeo wants to serve under Trump again\n\n\nPeace is the prize \n\n\nKeshel\'s voting breakdown\n\n\nWe\'re coming \n\n\nWut\n\n\nShe\'s a satanist\n\n\nPuppies\n\n\nShout out And We Know. Appreciate you bro. \n\n\nConsider supporting and following me here:\\nSubstack, My Pillow Code PLM, Rumble, Truth Social, Gab, Follow me on X


Morning Patriots. What\'s habbening.


What\'s everyone up to on this fine Saturday evening


A common misconception normie talking point is that there was no basement at Comet Ping Pong. This is literally false as Alefantis himself said he stored product in his basement.\nThis was a cover up of insane proportions. \nWould anyone be interested in a thread on this subject?\n\nSauce:\n\n


Megyn Kelly was a critical part of covering up pizzagate and now Trump says she is making a career out of pretending to like him. \nMake no mistake. \nTrump knows who these people really are.\n


The year is 2025. \nTrump has been re elected. \nDe Niro\'s greatest fear has manifested.


Do people actually think Trump is going to come out and say that the vaccines are bad? He will likely go with this secret to the grave and can you blame him?\nThe people that visit my channel understand that Trump stopped the Great Reset and he did so by forcing them to push their plan into hyper speed. They wanted long term lockdowns. Trump knew the economy would implode if this occurred. Millions would have died in chaos. Trump made a very impossible decision to create his own vaccine, forcing the competition to put their own out before the pre established timeline. This caused their plan to fail.\nWe avoided total collapse and the world awakened in massive ways. But I totally understand why people are going to feel offended by what he says. I don\'t blame you at all. But to react to only surface level events is a low checkers way of thinking. Anons think in 5d chess. If anyone knows that not everything is as it seems. It\'s us. \nMy heart truly goes out to all those damaged by the vaccine but the alternatives, in my opinion, were vastly worse. \nWe dodged a thousand bullets and America still stands today because of Trump. \nBut what do you think?


They are now wanting us to believe that Angela Chao accidently backed into her pond, couldn\'t get out of her Tesla, and then called someone to tell them she was drowning but also the sheriff said it looked like it could be a criminal offense. \nThis story has so many red flags its almost comical. \nDo you believe the official story so far cause this whole thing reeks.....


Robert De Niro and Bill Maher legitimately believe that Trump will come after them if he is re elected. \nWhat could they have possibly done that would warrant such paranoia?\nWhat is De Niro so afraid of?\n\n


Daily morale boost thread for frens. 🐸\nPost your best keks, memes, positive news stories for people to read in the comments below.  👇 👇👇


Morning News Update\n\nRNC leadership change whoo!\n\n\n\nSOTU viewership down\n\n\nBiden Lied 30 Times During The State Of The Union\n\n\nCorruption everywhere\n\n\n“Slow death”\n\n\nPelosi won\'t even say “illegal immigration”\n\n\nFormer Honduran President convicted in New York of drug trafficking charges\n\n\nThat tracks\n\n\nLaken Riley’s mother slams Biden for fumbling murdered nursing student’s name in SOTU\n\n\nRussian hackers breach core Microsoft systems\n\n\n“In just February, 1.2 million immigrants (legal and illegal) gained a job. Meanwhile, 500k native-born Americans LOST their job.”\n\n\nLiz Cheney concealed evidence that Trump offered to send 10k National Guard to protect Capitol\n\n\nFBI arrested founder of LGBTQ nonprofit on money laundering and fraud\n\n\nCanadian farmers\n\n\nHungary\'s Orban meets with Trump, won’t be meeting with Biden\n\n\n\n👀\n \n\nTrump and the vaccine \n\n\nTrump about Jesus \n\n\n“Same speech over and over” \nh/t to fren in the chat @Nerdlvr\n\n\nDoggo frens are so wise\n\n\nWill get back to the frens soon. \n\nConsider supporting and following me here:\nWebsite & Shop, Substack, My Pillow Code PLM, Rumble, Truth Social, Gab, Follow me on X


Daily morale boost thread for frens. 🐸\nPost your best keks, memes, positive news stories for people to read in the comments below.  👇 👇👇\n(News Update Later frens. Taking a little break after last nights "festivities". Lara Trump named RNC chair btw)


Morning Patriots. What\'s habbening.


Well. Did everyone have fun tonight?


Caption this


Trump actually posted this. Lmao\n


ABC News is inexplicably claiming this was a monumental victory for Joe Biden. I have no words. \nI truly despite the mainstream media. \nWe must humiliate them at every single turn.


Was she drunk?


Biden put this action out after Angelo Chao news. Related? 🤔\n\n“New vulnerabilities and threats could arise with connected autos if a foreign government gained access to these vehicles’ systems or data. \n\nConnected vehicles collect large amounts of sensitive data on their drivers and passengers; regularly use their cameras and sensors to record detailed information on U.S. infrastructure; interact directly with critical infrastructure; and can be piloted or disabled remotely.”






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